Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Electricity

Sunday night we had an electric storm nothing very bad, a little wind, nothing much. After the storm passed, the lights went out. People not far from us had a terrible storm with trees down and talk of tornados. Our power stayed out until Tuesday evening. Of course it was very warm without air conditioning because the temperatures were in the nineties. Everything in the refrigerator spoiled and the things in the side by side freezer thawed. It is funny how even in the daytime your routine is changed by no power. I swept and dusted, no vacuuming, or laundry or using the sewing machine or computer. Hubby was lost without the weather channel. We lit a little candle for the bathroom as it has no windows and was therefore very dark. Since we have comcast for telephone, that went with the power. When I was a kid we had well water and that would have meant no water too, but we didn't have that problem. We even still had hot water. When it got too dark to do my counted crossstitch or read ( I know Abraham Lincoln used to read by the light of the fire, but my eyes aren't that good) we went to bed. We got lots of rest. One neighbor had a generator and I understand his wanting one, but they are very noisy and spew nasty diesel fumes, especially when the rest of us need to open our windows. Now we are all back to normal with a new appreciation for the microwave, the electric coffee pot and the electric pencil sharpener.

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Kitt said...

Like pioneer times!

I lost power for three days after a blizzard and was very glad for my gas oven to heat the house. I made a lot of cookies.