Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well Hillary has conceded, maybe that will give us a short news break from politics. We have seven children between Hubby and I and they have probably seven different views on politics, ranging from far right to far left. Some like to talk about it more than others. Hubby is quite political and has his political blogs. It isn't that I don't have an opinion it is just that I don't like to argue. My ex-husband and I had different views on politics and his response was the reason I differed from him was that I wasn't informed. I hate it when people send me political emails, Some are funny but most of them are nasty and filled with half truths. I think my friends and family will note that I have never sent out a political email and it is not because I don't have an opinion or that I am uninformed. It is because they don't bring out the best in people.

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