Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday, Wednesday, I had lunch with my Mom, only this week my sister-in-law came along. My brother and I are quite close in age. We don't do a lot of things together but when we do I enjoy his and his wife's company a great deal. We have a system for visiting Mom, not a formal system but we each know that twice a week someone is there to check on her. Mom says, "What do you want to do, take my temperature?" The truth is Mom is not likely to complain or even tell us if something is wrong, so a visit is kind of essential. A visit with Mom though is not a duty but a pleasure.
Last Saturday, Gretel was in town so we took Mom out to lunch at the Olive Garden. The waiter dumped 3 full glasses of coke on her. She was soaked from head to toe. The waiter didn't tell anyone and we didn't get any remuneration at all for her clothes or the inconvenience. I sent an email message to Olive Garden from their website last night and this morning they called to apologize and send us a $50 gift certificate.

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Kitt said...

Your poor mom! I'm glad they tried to make it up to you. And I hope they fire that waiter. Not for spilling (mistakes happen) but for not trying to make things right afterward.