Sunday, March 15, 2009

Different Strokes

Lat night Hubby and I went to a Charter Night Dinner for the new Troy Community Lions Club. At the dinner we met several lovely people. All were stunned when I mentioned that Hubby does all the cooking and grocery shopping. I don't even make coffee. Hubby doesn't like it when I say I am spoiled because he doesn't like the negative connotation. I do all the laundry and cleaning. He does all the bookwork and cooking. That doesn't mean we don't concur on our separate choices. He asks me for menu ideas and expenditure priorities. I am, on the whole, more social than Hubby. He does usually have a good time at a party and he has a very funny dry sense of humor. It is nice when you are old enough to know what you like and don't like and be able to follow your inclinations.

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Kitt said...

I would say you spoil each other. And that's a good and lucky thing.