Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sneaky Cats

The lady who does our hair has a Golden Retriever named Blazer but she says she doesn't like cats because they are sneaky. We have a cat, Arnold who is anything but sneaky. Every time he walks into a room, he howls to announce his presence. No sneaking here. If you look at him he mouths a silent "meow". If he wants to be petted he puts his paws, claws extended on your thigh. Not exactly subtle. If he is not sleeping he has to be right where I am. If I am in my craft room working on my table. He jumps from the chair to a low table, to the top of the dresser, to my table and lies down on whatever directions I am using. I must immediately move embroidery floss and I have learned to close the craft room door if I am cutting out a pattern. He also likes to shred paper, which is hard on directions or sewing patterns. But he is not sneaky, he does it right in front of you. At night he lies up close to me and if I wake up for an instant, he walks across my chest to look me straight in the eye as if to ask "Are we getting up now?" Now a Golden Retriever sheds a lot of hair but nothing like a cat. Cat's have an infinite supply of hair in spite of the fact that they leave it everywhere.

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