Sunday, March 22, 2009


I remember telling my mother how surprised I was to find out, I was such a fierce mother. I could not claim to be a pacifist because to protect a child I would kill without blinking an eye. My mom understood and said wait until you have grandchildren and you are so proud of them. Well, yesterday, my grandson, Austin,who is eleven, came for a visit. Now Austin is the sweetest, most well behaved child you could ever want to meet. I knew he went to a middle school for gifted children. When he walked in our house, he sat down at my grand piano, and played the theme from the entertainer, and the nutcracker waltz and several other pieces. I asked if he had a piano. He said "No" but he had a keyboard and taught himself the tunes from the internet. I gave him a ten minute lesson on how to read notes and promised him some beginning piano books the next time he came over.

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