Saturday, March 7, 2009

Downstairs Fair

Mom lives in an Erickson Home. They have them all over the country. Today they had a "Downstairs Fair", which meant the men's wood workshop was open as well as the room where people displayed their whittling, the art room and the room that had furniture and housewares donated to be sold by residents. There was a man who had whittled a branch of maple leaves on a plaque that was spectacular. He said he only sold one of his pieces and he regretted that, but he had given many of them away. Mom suggested that I make friends with him. In another room, a man, who had worked for Ford Motor Company as an illustrator, had paintings of "old" Detroit that were not for sale but I am sure would have brought a steep price. We also went to the model train room. I love model trains. One year Hubby bought me one and I would love to have a set up with buildings and all. I think I will have to wait for Martha to get her stuff out of the basement. At the fair I bought 3 little cordial glasses for a quarter a piece and a set of candlesticks for Thanksgiving that are a pilgrim couple.

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