Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Tipsy Video Project.

Mary was here this weekend and asked Hubby to help her with a homework project. She needed to make a video to be used to teach a certain concept. Mary decided to use the concept that slices taken from a cone vary from a circle, to an ellipse, to a parabola depending on where the slice is made. We started out with a package of sugar free jello but then decided we needed more jello and made a big box of raspberry jello. Martha made a cone out of a file folder lined with wax paper. When the Jello started to get thick we poured it into the cone. Later in the afternoon Hubby made Margaritas for Mary and me. Then we had a spaghetti dinner with a bottle of Cabernet. After the dishes we started on the movie. We practiced slicing the sugar free Jello then Mary and I ate all the sugar free Jello. The Jello cone turned out spectacular and we sliced it with a cheese slicer and put the slice on a piece of glass to video it's shape. Earlier in the day Hubby became worried that the Jello wouldn't work so he filled a cone with wax. So we cut that into slices as well. There was an awful lot of giggling going on while we were filming and afterwards Mary and I ate all the rest of the Jello. I hope Mary will put her video on her blog.

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