Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Outdoor Journal

I just finished reading Jimmy Carter's book, "An Outdoor Journal." I can't believe I read a book about fishing and bird hunting and enjoyed it! It makes me want to read his novel as he is such an easy to read author. Hubby went back out maple syruping yesterday and took some pictures of the trees being tapped, some are connected to tubing so that the workers don't have to carry so many buckets. The sugar shack is going full steam as you can see. A group of preschoolers came out to see a tree tapped and taste the sap.The Sugar shack. Sap is pumped from the lower tank to the upper tank and fed by gravity into the evaporator in the sugar shack.The evaporator is wood fired.Alittle help with the drill.
The sap is just barely sweet.

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