Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Control Freak

I have in a previous blog talked about Hubby's rain garden. He decided to buy some cattail plants because the garden was so wet. Of course the garden dried up then and he dug a little ditch around the cattails and filled it with water. Then it rained and he had lots of water, even ducks in with the cattails. He decided that was too wet so he vacuumed the rain garden dry. Now here is a man that won't even trust nature to do the right thing. The turtle is not real and the sticks are to keep the neighbor's lawn service out of the garden.

Today he is trying to trim off some high branches from the neighbor's poplar tree. A poplar is a giant messy weed and the branches hang perilously close to our house. Hubby bought a saw which is a chain that you throw over the branch and pull on either side to cut the branch off. The tricky part is getting the saw over the branch. He invested in a sling shot with a weight attached to a rope which he then attached to the cables on the saw. He has cut off one large branch already and is trying for the second. I expect to hear glass shattering any minute.

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