Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is it is the Genes?

Most of you have seen the picture on Mary's blog of her terrible basement stairs. Well sure enough, last night Mary fell again on the basement stairs. Her ankle and wrist are sprained. Her bottom and arms are bruised but her knee appears to be unhurt. Today while I visited my Mom, we discussed Mary's propensity for injuring herself. My mother's mother fell a lot, my Mom and I have fallen several times but not a lot. We also discussed that none of us are good dancers and both my Mom and I had trouble riding a bicycle. I am sure my grandmother never tried as she had broken her leg in the third grade when she was hit by a horseless carriage. ( Mary has no trouble riding the bicycle unless trees jump out in front of her.) My Mom sent one of my Dad's canes home for Mary. Mom said if she doesn't need it now she might the next time. She also said that in her will she was leaving Mary all her elastic bandages.

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Kitt said...

Oh dear! Poor Mary. I'm glad she wasn't hurt worse, and has you to look after her.