Monday, May 19, 2008


I guess this is an obituary for Savannah. She contracted another urinary tract infection and along with her other problems we decided to put her down. She was eight years old but she seamed older. She was always a very big cat. She also had a decided preference for women and particularly me ( after Martha). When Martha got her, she said Savannah picked her out and as a kitten came to her. When Savannah was a kitten she had an irritating habit of curling up in bed with me and licking my lips or ears. I would wrap myself in the sheets as if I was wearing a burka. She has always been feisty. One time when Martha took her to the vet he complained that she was vicious and wouldn't examine her unless she was sedated. When Amy came to visit with her labrador, Nina, Savannah cornered the dog in a bedroom and wouldn't let her out. Even after she had only three working legs, she still totally intimidated Nina. We will miss her. She had beautiful coloring and a purr (as well as a growl) that could be heard from a great distance.

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