Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hubby Trims a Tree

Our neighbor next door has a big old poplar tree in his backyard. Neither of us like it but the city will not let you chop down big trees, even poplars, without a good reason. Now in my opinion, the fact that it is a poplar is a good enough reason to chop it down. The branches hang over our backyard and drop twigs all year and we really would like some sun. Hubby bought this chain saw, not the motorized kind, but a chain with saw teeth on it. The chain is attached to rope on either end. Hubby used a sling shot to shoot a rope up over the tree branch. This rope was attached to the chain saw rope. He shot another rope over the branch farther out toward the end. His theory was that as he cut I would keep the end rope tight and he could therefore control where the branch fell. Fortunately the neighbor came over to help him and betweeen the two they trimmed off two big branches on the tree. Neither of them were injured in the process. The deck was missed by falling logs however the fence was not. Now Hubby needs to do a little repair on that.

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