Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Weather Channel

We have cable service with lots of the special channels but the one cable station we listen to alot is the weather channel. Now when I say alot I mean it is on all the time. Some family members have even accused Hubby of watching weather channel reruns. He even has an internet favorite site on the computer where he checks the weather not only of our city and each of the cities where the children live, but also New Mexico's weather. New Mexico is Hubby's dream state where nothing bad happens and the sky is blue and the humidity is low all the time. When Hubby was a teen he thought about joining the Air Force because he loved to fly and some recruiter told him his glasses wouldn't matter. When he went to sign up, they took one look at his thick glasses and said they would assign him to the weather department. He said "No thanks." I think he still regrets that decision.

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