Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have a single minded mission to eradicate dandelions from our yard. I take my forked weeding tool and everyday circle the lawn and gardens looking for dandelions. I must have learned this from my mother. I remember when we were kids she used to pay us 1 cent for every hundred dandelion flowers we picked. I learned that these plants are perenials. I also learned that they can regrow from the taproot so it is possible that I am not eradicating them. I do know that I can't see any dandelions in my lawn and garden. I even pull them from the adjacent areas of the neighbors lawn. Do you think this is a fetish?

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Kitt said...

If it is, it's not an uncommon one. How often have I stepped out in my PJs and bedhead for the paper, only to be distracted by a weed that needs pulling, and then another and next thing you know its an hour later and I have further cemented my reputation as the crazy neighbor lady who weeds in her PJs.