Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mary's husband, the Brain, dislocated his shoulder playing racquet ball last week. Accidents are always unexpected and painful, either physically, financially, or to our pride. Some accidents leave life long scars and some people never recover. Others are painful but we recover and sometimes forget they even happen. I hope this is the Brain's type of accident. Still others are painful but in looking back on them we cannot suppress a snicker. For example, Mary breaking her nose in ballet class, or John getting a black eye when he tried to put his pants on, both legs at the same time and fell and hit the toilet. There was also the time Jim broke his finger by sitting on it playing "Duck,duck, goose." My favorite though is Gretel's accident. She was running late and put her shoes on without tying them. She ran outside and slammed the front door behind her catching her shoelace in the door. She greeted the front sidewalk dramatically.

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