Monday, February 18, 2008


We watched a program on the Animal Channel last night about all the bugs that can live in a house. It was wierd. I was glad I had changed the sheets that morning although I am sure there were a gadzillion dust mites in the beautiful quilt on my bed. I knew we didn't have head lice, body lice, or fleas and I also new we didn't have mealy bugs or flour moths. I sure hope we don't have cockroaches but I learned that they run from air currents so a vacuum cleaner confuses them so they are easy to vacuum. Vacuuming just shakes up the dust for a dust mite, the only thing that gets them is a trip through the clothes dryer. That won't hurt a cockroach, they can even survive the microwave. The program went longer but I couldn't handle any more of it.

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Mary said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! We were watching the same program until I made the Brain turn it off! It WAS creepy.