Saturday, February 2, 2008

Le Moyne Star

I decided to make a quilt for my grandson. Nothing too fancy just bright colored 6 pointed stars and fabrics with planets and rocket ships. So far I have sewed each star and ripped it out at least three times and am now starting again. The 6 pointed stars have set in seams and everything has to be measured very exactly or the points don't come out right. When I took my first quilting class in Pennsylvania over 35 years ago, there was a girl in the class that was making a Star of Le Moyne, 6 pointed star, quilt. We took the class several times because a quilt is not something a novice finishes quickly. This girl finished her quilt and it was beautiful. Then to our horror she gave it away and said she never wanted to see it again. Working on my grandson's quilt I am beginning to understand.

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