Saturday, February 9, 2008

Unmatched Socks

When the kids were little I always had a huge bag of unmatched socks. I always kept them for the sock that got left under the bed or got inside something else. When you cleaned the basement you often found the match or if you looked in the toy box. Then there were those socks you never found a match for. Once I found an unmatched sock with an iron on tape on it with a kids name I had never even heard of. I bet his mother had a bag of unmatched socks. Anyway I thought when it got down to the two of us there would be no more unmatched socks but I was wrong. I do find children's socks from the grandchildren when they visit and sometimes nobody will claim them. Where do there matches go? Some of them I am sure are the result of my method for darning socks. When I find a sock with a hole in it I say"Darn" and throw it away.

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