Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting ready to Leave

Why is it that whenever I am going to go on a vacation I feel the need to have the house good and clean before I leave. It probably is like the philosophy not to wear underwear with holes in it because if you are involved in an accident the emergency room techs will see the holes in your underwear. I worry that if I die all my friends and relatives will traipse through my house and say we really ought to clean this before anyone sees it. Having a friend or relative clean my house would be worse than a stranger. Even if my house is clean there will be enough things one could say like, "Why did she keep this?" or "I wonder when the last time she cleaned the refrigerator was?" or "All the socks and underwear in her drawers have holes in them." (After all I packed the ones that didn't.) So when I get on the plane the place will be dusted and vacuumed, clean sheets on the beds and I will be exhausted.

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