Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Get Out of Here

It is eleven degrees out and that is warmer than it was all day yesterday. The wind howls and blows snow in big clouds. The Sun Garden window in my kitchen has ice in the corners and even when I was quilting and the wind would blow one of those 50 mile an hour gusts I could feel the breeze leaking around the windows. The weather forcast says it will be cold like this for three more days with 1-2 inches of snow tonight and 3-5 inches tomorrow. I told Hubby I wanted to get away somewhere warm if only for a weekend. He went up to the trusty computer and arranged for a week in Phoenix. I understand the temperature is in the high seventies. I hate to leave Mom behind but I offered to go on a Carribean cruise with her but she says she always catches cold when she flies. She has a point. Hubby is busy cashing in a Northwest voucher and our 61,000 points from Choice Privilege. We are out of here.

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