Friday, February 15, 2008


Today we went to Costco. Hubby usually likes brand names. In fact if Hubby sees two identical products he will buy the one that costs more on the grounds that it is probably better. I did point out that Sam's Club has more brand names but he is not a Walmart supporter. (Flaming liberal that he is.) We have found that the Costco Kirkland brand is usually very good. I use their dishwashing detergent, both the liquid and for the machine, and it does very well. I am in charge of cleanup in the kitchen. Of course while we are there we buy the $15 jar of cashews and the $10 bag of Lindt truffles which we wouldn't ordinarily buy at all. We both enjoy looking at all the unusual things too, like the child's bed that looks like a pirate ship and I loved the wooden playhouse for only $299. Costco is the only grocery shopping trip that I go on. I think it's the Lindt truffles.

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Anonymous said...

Major Costco fan here. Began there because I boycott Wal-Mart and the sucking wound on America that they have created. Now, just love the fact that I don't have to buy milk for $4 / gallon.