Saturday, February 16, 2008

Healthy Food

Mary is in town for the weekend so I went with her to get some of the foods she finds difficult to get in small town Ohio. We went to the Whole Foods Store. I kept glancing at the people who bought only organic foods and wondering if they looked any healthier than the rest of us. Mary was looking for things I had never heard of. She bought some steel-cut oats to make the porridge for us that she talked about in her blog of a few days ago. She also got some garbanzo bean flour. I know what garbanzo beans are. She also wanted quinoa flour but I have no idea what a quinoa is. She even got some Halloumi Cyprus cheese. We did stop at Petco to see the puppies and kittens who were up for adoption. This was something I could relate to, but I didn't take any.

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