Saturday, March 15, 2008

She is Late Again

Martha is always late for just about everything. She was late when she was born. (She was due August 24th and arrived on September 8th) She probably will be late for her funeral. Now when I was young and in school I wasn't always on time for class but seldom late for work. Her father was pretty careful about being on time as well. Now Hubby who is no relation to Martha has being on time sewed up. One time he was taking Gretel to an art award ceremony and left so early that even though there was a fire along the way and we had to take a detour, we got lost in Pontiac and still got to the presentation a half hour ahead of time. I was suprised when talking to my mother, who I always thought of as the pinacle of responsibility, she confessed that she was always late for work. I said but you were the office manager. She said, "Yes, but they didn't like it much."

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