Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shoe Shopping

I think I hate shopping for shoes more than doing anything else. I hate shopping in general, any kind of shopping. I don't like shopping for clothes because being almost six feet tall nothing ever fits, and now that I am older with battleship hips I don't have a prayer of anything fitting. Shoes have always been a problem. I wear a size eleven. Many stores don't even carry elevens and those that do carry only weird looking shoes in size eleven. Store clerks have a tendency to say with great disdain, " We don't carry THAT size." I put a tear in my walking shoes when in Phoenix and I will need new shoes to go to work. I can wear my boots for a few days as there is plenty of snow to justify that. Mary has the smallest shoes in the family and is a shoe nut. We call her Imelda. Of course in spite of all her shoes she has trouble standing up. ( see her Blog for that story.)

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