Saturday, April 5, 2008

Buffing the Bomber

Hubby and I belong to the Yankee Air Force which is an organization which restores old military airplanes. Now I have no interest in old military airplanes at all but Hubby loves airplanes. Every vacation we are sure to visit at least one air museum. He joined the Yankee Air Force to work on the old planes and help with their air show. He wanted to fly in their C47 to Cleveland. Why Cleveland? Because that's where the plane went. He signed me up in the organization so that I can fly with him. I can hear him using that old line,"It's safe, look how old it is."Anyway today all the members were invited to come with a jar of metal polish and buff the bombers. About two hundred people of all ages were there. They even had big posters up about what to buff and what not to buff.

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