Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Running in Circles

Well I had planned on writing in Spanish on Tuesdays but we are learning so much I have to sit down and work it all out. Maybe I'll write in Spanish on Friday. According to my spreadsheets I am behind on my spring cleaning and on my quilt. I have lots of landscaping design homework to do before our class tomorrow. Mary is coming up tomorrow but I will be out with my Mom. Mary can't join us because she needs to rest with her leg up after the drive here and before she goes out to the opera tomorrow night.(Her reason for coming up in the first place.) The cats seem to be adjusting pretty well. Hubby bought a giant scratching post with platforms and Arnold has claimed it and sleeps there. Savannah has apparently decided that Arnold is all right. Fervor has come out of hiding. Cleo still stays under our bed most of the time but comes out every time I come into the room. Maybe I will start to catch up on things now.

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