Monday, April 7, 2008

I Crossed the Big Street All by Myself

The weather today was beautiful. The temperature hit 70 degrees. I like to walk but only when there is no ice and I don't care for the treadmill. I remember staying with my Grandmother in Detroit. She would walk to the grocery store ( she couldn't drive) and she would pull a cart behind her. I loved those walks. I remember passing the public school which had a big fire escape tube from the second floor. Anyway now that I am trying to think green I decided why don't I get a cart that I can pull behind myself and walk to the grocery store. Hubby found a cart for me but he is terrified that I will be killed crossing Southfield Road even though there is a traffic light and even a crossing button. (He grew up in a small town.) So today I walked to the store with my cart. It might have been a mile each way. I bought bread, milk, diet coke and Dove chocolates. My cart worked really well and I got some exercise too. Of course on the way back Hubby passed in the car. He needed to go to Home Depot which I passed on the way. So much for saving gasoline.

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