Friday, April 4, 2008


Last December when we celebrated my mother's 90th birthday we bought sandwiches from Panera. When we went to pick them up the sales girl had checked off the deluxe package which included salad and cookies. When we explained that we didn't want these the manager kindly credited us for that and charged us the correct amount. A month later we got the statement from master card and found we had been credited twice. It amounted to over $500 dollars. Now I have a policy that if a clerk dosen't charge me for something and I notice before I leave the store I tell her, but after I leave it is not usually worth the extra trip. We waited a month to make sure Panera would not discover the error on their own then we called Master Card who said we had to deal with the store on a credit error. Today we went into Panera and asked for the manager and explained the error. You would think we were Mother Theresa or something. The manager wanted to buy us lunch and when we said we had already eaten he gave us coupons for a future lunch. He couldn't believe we could be so honest.

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Kitt said...

Isn't it sad that people are so surprised by honesty? And how often it's not rewarded?

Enjoy that free lunch. Panera sandwiches are yummy.