Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Windy City

Well, Carole and I arrived in Chicago after a flat tire on I94 (AAA got there in less than 15 minutes) and getting lost for about an hour near OHare. We did get to the Fashion Show and luncheon on time. (I will try later to put some of the pictures on here). We went to Vince's Italian Restaurant which is the best Italian Restaurant ever. We had been there four years ago.
Today we are going to hit all the exhibitors at the convention. Already I saw some things I want, not the $30,000 quilting machine. Even considering the 30+ quilts I have made I can't see it being cost effective. Besides some of the allure of quilt making to me is the time spent stitching and thinking. I know when I make a wedding quilt I always "stitch" prayers for the couple into the quilt.

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