Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Kroger Parking Lot

As I stood in front of the Kroger store soliciting for the Lions, I had a good view of the Kroger's parking lot. I am amazed that there have been no fatalities that I know of. I watch as pedestrians scramble to get out of the way of cars which randomly go in reverse. Cars turn corners into parking lanes at phenomenal speeds only to find a car backing out of the space. Then there are the people who park their SUV at the doorway to the store, in the fire lane, and run in to shop. Since it is Sunday morning a lot of people come in dressed very nicely, obviously coming from church. Others dress worse than I do when I am cleaning out the garage. People were very generous and friendly and made the job much more enjoyable. Several of the Kroger employees donated after their shift which really impressed me as I realize they don't earn alot.

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