Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grandma's Ready

Well following my granddaughter's direction, I made more dresses. I finished the sweater for my grandson. I have the quilt for John and toys for the kids. We will stop in Ohio to give Mary her anniversary present. I forgot to make peanut butter cookies so I will try and do that tonight before landscape design class. We will probably have lunch with Mary, get to Baltimore late.( We don't travel at breakneck speed.) Then Friday we will go to the Spy Museum in DC with the grandsons and spend the day with John and family. We will head back to Baltimore visit the cats, Arnold and Cleo, and spend the day with Amy and family. We will head back to Michigan with the cats on Sunday. It is very convenient of these children to live in a pattern which make visiting easy. Probably if we had more time we could swing up to Brooklyn and it wouldn't be to far out of the way, certainly not as compared to Birmingham, Alabama or Portland, Oregon. Do you think there was a hidden reason our seven children live in six different states?

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Kitt said...

Those dresses are adorable! Have fun on your trip.