Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Arnold, our new cat, is wonderful. He walks up to you and it sure sounds like he says "Hi." At night he likes to sleep in between Hubby and I. The other night he was all nestled in his spot when he had to get up either to go potty or eat something, immediately Cleo, who had been sleeping by me on the outside of the bed, moved and took his spot. When he came back he laid down on the outside of the bed and growled until Cleo got up and moved. Then he moved back into his space. When you go into the bathroom he runs in with you and climbs up on the toilet seat until you remind him that that is why you went into the bathroom. The only problem is that around 4 AM Arnold gets up and walks to the top of our headboard (it's a bookcase headboard) then he bats at the picture hanging on the wall. The picture isn't worth much the 24 inch square piece of glass over our heads is. He stops when you say "No." Then he jumps over to my quilt frame which squeaks and groans under his weight and then over to the window seat where he bats the venetian blinds. Again a "No," and he sits for a minute and climbs back onto the bed, lies down for a few minutes and then repeats the cycle. It's a lot like being parents again! He is a wonderful cat though, a real joy.

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