Monday, April 21, 2008

Hissy House

Yesterday we drove from Baltimore with our new cats, Arnold and Cleo. They were really good on the trip. When we got home and brought them into the house. Fervor took one look at the new cats and hid and Savannah gave them some fierce warnings. Cleo sauntered out of the crate and explored every nook and cranny of this house including the basement. Nothing seemed to bother her. She gave Savannah wide berth but didn't stop her exploration. Every once in a while she hopped on the sofa and walked across our laps. When I went to bed, several times she hopped on the bed for some petting and then left to explore some more. Arnold on the other hand explored the house by hissing his way around. He hissed at every corner in every room. He hissed at Savannah and CLEO. In fact this morning he is still hissing in every corner and especially at Cleo. He is very affectionate to Hubby and I though and as I write he is in my craft room with me. This morning Savannah made a 15 foot hissing sprint at Arnold. Arnold just stood in awe, apparently he had never seen a three legged cat run before, neither had we. After making her point Savannah turned around and laid down. As I write this blog Arnold is on the keyboard and I just had to reboot the computer. Fervor is still in hiding. Cleo is challenging Savannah a little, I think all is well as long as they all don't wear out their hissers.

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