Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a Costco Day

The weather on a Costco day is always cold and windy or stormy. Today was no exception. We had an afternoon hair appointment so we slept in late and then went to Bob Evans for breakfast. I had their stuffed hotcakes. They are a little too rich for me. When we were both made beautiful we stopped at Costco for our monthly shopping. They had the cashews but no Lindt truffles. Hubby did see the grill of his dreams. He threw out his old one and has been shopping for a new. He wants one with a stainless steel grate and burners. This one was all stainless steel and had four separate heat controls plus the infra red section. It also had a side burner and an oven! It could hook up to propane or natural gas and all for only $999. I figure if Hubby is doing all the cooking he can have what ever equiptment he thinks he needs. He is thinking about it.

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Dottie's daughter said...

Hey Peggy, today was a Oasis Golf driving range day for me. This morning I went to work at Dr. Kamar's office. (surprise!) My girl friend and I went to the driving range for the first time this season. We had lunch at Potbelly's and proceeded to Dunham's for golf shoes. We didn't find any shoes but tomorrow it another day. Peace