Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Friends and Family

One of the things that has been so much fun about writing this blog has been the reactions of friends and family members. Some of my children read it. Mary often comments but then of course she is Miss Blog. I am pleased everythime I hear from my aunt in Washington State and her daughter whom I have never met and yet she reads my blog and is surprised at how much alike we are. Yesterday I heard from another cousin in Ohio who is a reader. A friend I used to work with reads my blog and says it's like a mini visit. My brother even says I'm funny and coming from a brother.... I find writing the blog is another one of those exercises to keep my mind active. If you read my blog you know that sometimes takes effort. Oh, and I print up my blog and take it to my Mom who refuses to become computer savy even though I tell her a lot of other 90 year olds are. Hubby was wrong somebody does read my blog and he never misses it for fear I might say something about him.


Mary said...

ooooh I'm Miss Blog.

Kitt said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog since discovering it via Mary's. It's always fun to catch little slices of other people's lives, especially when they write well.

Even something as simple as a walk to the grocery store. That made me smile.