Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brain Age

When one reaches retirement age the biggest fear is that our brain will wither up and die. We have a clock on the wall that tells us what day of the week it is because all the days tend to be the same, except for church on Sunday and garbage pickup on Monday. We set the alarm for both. So for Christmas I asked for and received a Nintendo DS with the Brain Age program. It's lots of fun and gives you feedback immediately. My first time doing the program my brain age was 80 but I have improved until now it is 30. The program also has Sudoku games on it which I love to do. I found when I was working and I would make an error in my computations or forget how to do something I immediately assumed that senility was creeping up on me. Younger people just say "oops" and don't worry about it. Of course when you have children who are now grown, everytime you mix things up or forget something they are also sure senility is creeping up on you. My hubby says that the part of your brain which keeps you from saying blunt or untactful things is the first to go. So everyday I do my Brain Age game and hope I can keep the gray matter active.

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