Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Savannah is the kitten pictured on my blog about quilting frames. Savannah has grown and is now a fat cat, food is the driving force in Savannah's life, but a smart cat. Last September something happened to her, she couldn't walk. The vet thought maybe she had injured herself or it could even be a spinal problem. He gave her some medicine and said wait and see. Two weeks later with no improvement she was taken into the vets to be be put down. When she got there she walked across the office. A Smart cat! She was brought home again. About a month later I was sitting knitting and I said to hubby. "She's having a lot of trouble with the stairs to the basement litter box and dosen't always make it all the way. Maybe we should put her down." Savannah stood up on her one good leg and playfully batted at my knitting needle. She is a smart cat. She can now go up and down the basement stairs and even goes up to the second floor and squeezes through the cat door to sleep in our room at night. The one leg still dosen't work. During the Christmas holiday with all the children and grandchildren here, she lay in the middle of the kitchen floor. She likes to be where the action is. Every morning at 8 AM and evening at 5:30PM she howls something fierce until you feed her. Food is still the driving force in Savannah's life. She is a smart cat.

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Anonymous said...

I love your fat cat! Tell your hubby that all kinds of people probably see your blog everyday, I somehow stumbled upon it!