Friday, January 11, 2008

Lions Club

When I retired my dentist talked me into joining the Lions. I really enjoy being a part of the club. Our club has 36 members, five of them are women. The ages in the group run from 28 to 92. The purpose of the Lions is to cure preventable blindness and help the blind. We support many groups including Leader Dog, Penrickton Center for Blind Children and some local activities. Meetings are fun. We usually have at least 20 people at a meeting. We have dinner, tell jokes, and organize our activities. We just finished our Candy Cane Drive over the holidays where we solicit funds outside local stores. 31 members volunteered and we collected $6000. This month we will go to the Purple Rose Theater for an outing, just for fun. Next month is the Pancake breakfast and computer raffle fund raiser. It is really fun to be part of an active group where everyone gets along and yet there is no pressure to do more than you can.

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