Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time for a Hair Cut

Hubby and I go to get our hair done at the same time. We used to go separately when the lady who does our hair was close to where I work. But now since it is about 30 miles away, we go together. It takes lots of courage to have your lover see you have your hair colored. I look like a gooey porcupine with my hair sticking up in all directions covered with dark brown goo and my eyebrows looking like Groucho Marx. Everytime I ask if I should go with my natural color ( I am not sure what that is)Hubby says "No." He likes it brown. Hubby has beautiful white hair, although the spot on the back of his head gets larger all the time. I tell him not too worry, I think bald is sexy. He tells me he is getting sexier all the time.

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