Tuesday, January 22, 2008

International Auto Show

Today the Auto Show was open for those who had a ticket and a camera at 8 am before the general public was let in.The purpose was for photographers to be able to get good shots for a photo contest sponsored by the auto show. Hubby and I went with our cameras. His fancy one and my point and shoot. 8AM was awful early, there was even traffic and snow. There were very few people there and it was wonderful. Some men were there with their cameras and tripods I tried to look professional too. I sat in the Mazda Miata. That is my favorite car. I have always wanted one. The closest I got was a Ford Probe Hubby bought me when he proposed. He had a chance later to get a Miata for a good deal but he said a small car like that was too dangerous. I figure I should have asked for a motorcycle then the Miata would have looked less dangerous. I did have a Jaguar for a short time so I went and looked at them. They looked great except they didn't have a hood ornament. That was one of the best things about a Jag.

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Mary said...

8AM is awfull early?
I love the picture of you in the Miata. And don't be silly, you need balance to drive a motorcycle!