Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary!

Today is Mary's Birthday, Mary of "Shazam in the Kitchen". We celebrated with cake and ice cream last night. Mary seldom gets to celebrate a birthday all by herself. Her younger brother, Bill, was born 2 days and 2 years after her so they usually celebrated together. This year she celebrated with Gretel's Tummy, "Super G's Potpourri." This morning Mary got up early to make pumpkin glazed donuts. Every year Mary and her Grandmother send each other the most insulting awful birthday cards they can find. I think they start looking for these cards a year a head of time. Mary has always been an adventure for me. Not always a "delightful" child (she was a queen of temper tantrums as a youth), she always was creative and innovative in her approach to life. She has a real flair for drama, can be a real comedienne, and is definitely clumsy. She broke her nose in ballet class trying to do a pirouette. Happy Birthday Mary!

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