Friday, January 18, 2008


My hubby loves to play with Adobe Photoshop. He loves straightening slanting building in photographs or taking the red eye out of pictures. He even likes taking pictures of the baby grandson and putting mustaches on them to match their father's. It is too bad my dad didn't have Photoshop. I remember a beautiful picture my mother took of my dad with my children. She always said it would have been perfect if someone could have just closed the closet door in the background. No problem with Photoshop. Another time my dad took a picture of a family celebration at the dinner table. He put the milk bottle on the floor so the table top looked better. Unfortunately the milk bottle showed up on the floor and really looked silly. With Photoshop - no problem. When Mary got her wedding pictures back she decided she looked too heavy in them. I told her "No Problem" tell your photographer to use Photoshop.


madine said...

Now I see that your Uncle and Russ share yet one more thing Keep on posting

Mary said...

they actually only photoshopped out birdpoop in my wedding pictures.