Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Ice Cream War

My Hubby and Daughter are at war. My Hubby likes to buy coffee ice cream, specifically Starbucks coffee ice cream. My daughter dosen't like coffee and won't eat it. She goes to the store and buys ice cream with stuff in it like peanut butter cups or cookies. Hubby won't eat ice cream with stuff in it. It really is a power play, he who has the money wins. They could buy black cherry or caramel swirl which they both like but that's not the way war works. Now I don't go near the kitchen or the grocery store for that matter so I am not a combatant in this war. I probably could be called an instigator because I love coffee ice cream and peanut butter cup ice cream and I definitely get my spoon out to share in the spoils.

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