Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Nuts and Berries Night

Tonight hubby has a camera club meeting. Whenever one of us will be gone for dinner the other one forages through the refrigerator or where ever he or she can find something to eat. Hence a nuts and berries night. Tonight I had a bowl of popcorn and a diet pop. I had leftover pot roast, potatoes and carrots for lunch so I wasn't really hungry. On these nights hubby usually has cereal or cottage cheese. It is kind of nice to be alone in the house. Martha is at school late so I quilt and listen to classical music. Really although hubby and I are both retired we don't get on each others nerves at all. He does the cooking and I do the cleaning. He likes to work with photography on the computer and I like to sew. I miss the people at work and I miss the intellectual challenges my job offered but then it's kind of nice to do one major cleaning project every day and then play the rest of the time.

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