Monday, January 28, 2008

On Schedule

I said early that I love Excel. I have an Excel spreadsheet that calculates when I should finish a quilt based on my progress at any particular time. I count the squares in a quilt and the equivalent number of squares for assemblingthe quilt and the border and binding the quilt. I then choose a date that I would like to have the quilt completed. As I finish the squares I list the total completed and the program fiqures out if I will finish on time at that rate of completion and if not when will I finish the quilt.

I am a task finisher. A coworker of mine told me I obcess on finishing a task. She would have to come and tell me it was lunch time because I would get so focussed on the job at hand. She said I even ate quickly because I considered it the latest job. The only things I might not finish are clothing I make or a really disappointing book. When you go shopping for clothes a lot of things you see on the rack look good until you try them on. Unfortunately when you sew you have invested a lot of time and money before you get to that try on stage. Clothes sewing is my least favorite type of sewing. My daughter in law gave me a book"She Came Undone" by Wally Lamb and although it was written well, it was so depressing I stopped reading it. I found the same thing with "The Blind Assasin" by Margaret Atwood.

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