Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Do Have a Kitchen

I do have a kitchen, in fact it is beautiful. Since my hubby retired he does all the cooking and he is awfully good at it. Before he retired I did cook but it was mostly with frozen foods and a pair of scissors. I did cook in the past, after all I have six children, the shortest is Mary and she is 5 foot 9 inches and the lightest is Bill who weighs in at 170 pounds, so obviously none suffered from malnutrition. If you read my daughters blogs they will refer to my cooking talents which mostly involved large volume and dishes that did not require strict attention to detail. Interestingly all of my children love to cook, except John.

My hubby and I remodeled the kitchen about 5-8 years ago. I wanted a kitchen that more than one person can fit in. That way when everyone was helping with the cooking I could slip out. Originally the kitchen area was open to the family room but a large family is noisy and walls cut down the noise. Both hubby and I are Master Gardeners so the plants in the sun garden are important. My hubby made the china cabinet out of upper kitchen cabinets. I may not cook but I love china and crystal.

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Mary said...

Great Blog Mom! And your hubby is wrong. I'll read it. :)