Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year Resolutions

When I was growing up my mother always insisted we make New Years Resolutions. I still do but I have learned a new system. First of all being a nerdy engineer I use Excell for my resolutions. The truth is I use Excell for everything. The other thing I do is make lots of resolutions. I make some that are going to be a real effort, like walking 5 miles per week or practicing the piano 3 hours a week. I make others that are no brainers, like brushing my teeth twice a day or making my bed every day. I have others that take some effort like getting out of the house 5 times during the week or writing my grandchildren every other week. I divide these into categories, Mental Health, Physical Health, Family Health, Social Health and Projects.

I score my performance and at the end of the week give each category a score and highlight my performance with different colors. Did I say I love Excell. Because I have the easy categories my scores are never terrible and I love seeing all the different colors. One of my New Year Resolutions is to "amend my New Years Resolutions" that is sort of my "escape" key.

My hubby is even nerdier than I am but he knows better than to make New Years Resolutions. Mary had a quick test she found on the internet on how to tell if you were a "geek". Gretel came out by far the Geekiest. All of my offspring have sort of nerdy occupations, except John. He drives an 18 wheeler.

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MKELLY said...

Oh my it’s hereditary! I love using excel and making charts for everything. Sounds normal to me. You should see my color coded bill paying system! Also, get a pedometer. My whole family uses them now and formed a walking team on an internet site. It would make getting your five miles in really fun!