Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Cold Windy Day

On Wednesdays Mom and I usually do a little shopping and go out to lunch. Unfortunately this Wednesday was bitter cold, 12 degrees with a 1 degree wind chill, so I picked up some deli sandwiches and we ate at her place. Mom missed going out. She kept going to the window where the sun was shining in and said, "It dosen't look that bad." We did spend a delicious afternoon talking. I worked on my "City Fish" cross stitch and we talked. She told me what was new with her lady friends in the complex. I feel like I know them well. We talked about the political campaign. She is a well informed independent voter. We talked about religion, about eternity, about my children and their religion and how we responded to their different ideas. We talked about the books we had read and eventually she talked about her things that she would be leaving behind. I assured her that my brother and I would not fight about anything (unless he wanted her cedar chest or her cut class fruit bowl) but we wanted those things she valued because we treasured them too. Mom keeps reminding me that she is 90 and she won't last forever but I don't want to think about ever losing her. This picture was taken at her 90th birthday party.

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Mary said...

That's a great picture of the two of you.